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I love that Speedray is at its heart a small business with genuine lovely kind people behind it. From personal thank you emails after you make a purchase and the many lovely conversations through dm’s, any purchase I have made has been a really personal experience and you can tell how much love and care goes into the company, the products and the dogs! I absolutely adore Marley’s puppy coat- it is also priced at such an affordable level to reflect how quickly puppies grow, but is still amazing quality (and 100% waterproof!!) ☔️❤️ Marley’s Luna collar is also on the way and I am so so excited for him to have his very first martingale. Speedray has such beautiful products that are perfect for a growing puppy, and not only do they look good but I can also say the puppy coat is definitely “zoom approved” by Marley. He even wears it out to the garden to go to the toilet when it’s raining 😂😂


Everything about this company makes us happy! The amazing puppy mac's caught my eye from the get go and i just had to have one! The only company i could find that did them in little puppy sizes at a reasonable price and such amazing quailty! Not only did we love the look of it but it really was so practical. It's also helping Maeve with her hatred of the rain and wind! She's now so confident going out in the rain with her perfect yellow mac on 🥰 ...going to purchase a jumper and pink snood tonight aswell! #bestcompany🌻


The customer service experience is always on point, and so helpful 👏 One of our favorite things has been finding ideal rain coats, poor Ernie and Olive went for so long with coats that weren't truly waterproof or their heads and necks would get soaked, and the coats are still in as good as new condition so we know they'll last us years. What we would love to see is more jumper materials! Especially autumnal colours! 💕

Ernie & Olive

Our favourite experience.., well where do we start! The whole of meeting and getting to know the wonderful people/dogs behind Speedray! Welcoming us onto our first ever whippet walk where we got our first jumpers and never looked back! Forever helping us choose because mum can’t decided because she wants them all! Being ever so helpful when mum is figuring out sizes for the puppy! 💕 the best experience yet is meeting such a wonderful family behind the business 👏🏼👏🏼

Hugo, Ronnie & Nala

I fell in love with @speedraydesignwear and I blame Coppy_Layla_Whippets for it, because they keep sharing your products and give amazing recirwst! Not only everything looks beautiful but I like how everything is practical without sacrificing the aesthetics. I ordered the snood and the pink raincoat and! The website is user friendly and full of details, therefore I didn't second guess myself with my choices. Cherry on the cake for me was the personalised email I received from Donna once I put the order though. I thought it showed the extra touch that small businesses put into their work and therefore I don't mind spending more money for quality knowing I am supporting hard working people who do what they love. The fact that your page is full of dogs is a plus plus 🤍


We remember following your account back in January when you hadn’t even set up your website yet and were just starting out. We have watched your brand grow into one that is highly sought after amongst the sight hound community and to one that produces beautiful products for our beloved pets! Your growth has been truly inspirational to watch over the past 7 months and we wish you many more years of success and growth! We hope to see Mabel in one of your coats one day 💕


Speedray was one of my first small business finds when I joined the insta world. They're some of the nicest people on this platform and I wish we lived closer so Dora could explore with your beautiful dogs 😍 they're encouraging, engaging and just downright lovely. Your martingale collar and pink raincoat are at the very top of my wishlist!! Everything you do is so sleek and stylish. Look forward to supporting your business in any way I can in the future 💜 Congratulations on an amazing 6 months! 🎉❤️🎊


Donna, you and your team are just the best! Superb customer service, always there to help and reply to questions. And it’s just so obvious that you genuinely love dogs and want them to be happy 🥰 Thank you for that!💙 Felix loves his grey Tilly jumper (fits like a dream), and I have my eye on several (a lot 😄) other of your gorgeous items! 💜🐶


Firstly can I say as a Lancashire lass I was extremely happy to find a small business for sighthounds based in Lancashire!
Before I had even made a purchase from Speedray I emailed them for advice - they were incredibly helpful and even advised me that it was better to wait a little before purchasing a coat for our puppy (this was before their puppy coats were launched). It was clear from that point that Speedray and Donna were genuine lovers of sighthounds who wanted owners and their dogs to be completely happy in their designs. I have always favoured giving my business to good people, and the Speedray team are genuinely lovely!
The Tegan coat we have for Monty is beautifully made, functions perfectly - and most importantly - he actually likes wearing it! It does just as good a job (if not better) at keeping him dry than any human adventure brands which can be incredibly expensive. I will definitely be adding to Monty’s collection in the future and would love to meet all the Speedray whippets @whippetfamily someday. Keep up the amazing work team Speedray!! 🐶🐾❤️


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