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Beautifully handmade to order in the UK

Show off your dog's personality with this limited edition bespoke collar. 

This is our stunning tapestry geometric design boasting a variety of vibrant colours. It is sure to offer a unique look for any dog. Soft but durable and doesn't compromise style for functionality. 

Dog Collar Size Chart

Collar Size A. Neck Circumference
XS 17 - 20
S 20 - 27
M 28 - 34
L 35 - 42
XL 43 - 51

Dog collar sizing guide

Not 100% sure which size to choose? We are always more than happy to help. 🥰 Send us their measurements through 'Ask a question' below or DM us on Instagram @speedraydesignwear 🐾


The collar is composed of 100% cotton, reinforced with Petersham lining for stability. This makes the collar robust enough and comfortable for everyday use. The collar is machine washable at 30 degrees non-bio. 

Displayed in the 1.5-inch option. Please refer to our size chart, above the size selections, to ensure a perfect fit for your dog. Each size is adjustable up to 3 inches and is available either in the 2" width, 1.5" or 1" width. All options offer the same performance. 

Hardware options to choose from

Please note -  If no hardware colour is requested in your basket notes. This will be defaulted to Nickle silver on your lead and/or collar.

  • Nickle Silver 
  • Matte Black
  • Vintage Brass   

Benefits of using a Martingale collar:

Amazing Benefits with choosing a Speedray Martingale Collar.

  •  Reduces the risk of the dog slipping its collar. 

Martingale collars are extremely safe for dogs who are likely to slip out or back out of their normal collars. The excitement and sudden pull from seeing a squirrel or another dog can cause an ordinary collar to slip off. In some cases, this can cause injury to the neck, throat and/or damage the coat by leaving bald spots. 

With the Martingale collar, as your dog pulls, the smaller loop D ring section which is attached to the lead closes up. The portion around the neck is safely tightened, discouraging their behaviour by letting them know there's tension. The collar will then loosen once the dog refrains from pulling. Walk with confidence every time, as this is a safe, secure and effective experience on the lead. 

  • During unexpected situations, you are able to gain control of your dog when, for example, the lead is in your bag and not quickly assessable. 

The Martingale collar allows you to gain quick control to avoid danger to your dog, either for a short instance or whilst you connect your lead to your collar, gaining full control. of your dog to reconnection your lead Instant, accurate and effective, easily take control by gripping the large D ring and walk as normal avoiding all dangers until your lead is assessable.    

  • Considered gentler than other types of collars with a gradual, distributed tension around the neck. 

The Martingale collar is considered a safer more gentle option than alternatives, such as a pinch or choke collar that continues to tighten and can cause serious harm to your dog. A properly fitted Martingale collar does not shock the muscles in the neck as with a fixed collar, due to the unique two-loop design it can only tighten to a certain point, making it perfect for dogs of all ages including puppies and seniors.

  • Great for training when learning to walk individually on the lead or in a pack.  

The martingale collar is excellent for a dog who is learning how to walk nicely on the lead. When the dog pulls the collar tightens but not the point where it would cause any harm or strangulation. Slight corrections can also be used during training to reduce pulling on the lead long term, providing a more pleasant and controlled walking experience.

Delivery Information (very important for our international furiends - Please read)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jacqueline Martinez de Rosso (France)
Fantastic first collar

This is the first proper collar we've bought since Casper grew out of the little one the breeder provided. We'd been struggling to get him to walk on a leash with his harness and were worried about a collar choking him when he pulls (to avoid the rain or leave the park!), but this has been great. Soft finish, the martingale effect is a nice extra cushion to the pulling and it holds his GPS tracker perfectly. Thanks for your patience when we placed the order - really happy with it!

itsernieandolive (United Kingdom)
The most perfect martingale!

Speedray martingales are most practical I've ever used in my time as a sighthound owner. Super easy to wash and very sturdy for dogs that pull. The fabric lasts so well as well as being stunning!

Kevin Coyne (United States)
Lovely, durable, unique collar

I often get comments on how nice Lolli's collar is when she's wearing this; I definitely plan on getting other patterns. You should come up with a larger selection of patterns! Thank you!

Lesley (United Kingdom)
Gorgeous collars

We just bought two of these beautiful collars for our two whippets. They are just gorgeous. Really well made but incredibly stylish as well. We are so pleased with them. We bought the slightly narrower ones which are just perfect for our whippets who are both on the small side. Highly recommended



We've created a special relationship with our lovely team of local seamstresses to bring you the very best of Sighthound fashion, practicality & overall experience.

Our products are individually handmade to order in the UK, preventing over-production or waste of materials.

Today, we have 8 Amazing full & part time seamstresses, all working from home, locally to ourselves in Lancashire. They adore what we do and love sharing their amazing sewing experience & skills through our designs.


Orders containing multiple items will fall into the time period of the highest fulfilment item within your order.

Current fulfilment times will updated relative to our seamstresses work load. 

Thank You For Supporting Our Dream!

We will be keeping you updated along the making of your purchase. We know just how exciting it can be! We can't wait either! We have been working so hard on bringing together an amazing team in our 1st year for this exact reason. To bring an enjoyable experience whilst you wait for you purchase to be made. Hand-making items does come with logistical challenges but the response when received are un-like no other.

We have failed, made mistakes and learned so much to bring you our most efficient & quickest fulfilment times to date. We are only going to get better from here.

We fell in love with the process of bringing our ideas to life through design and garment making. Buying off the shelf just never worked for us. With the perfect models to get started, our family of 5 Whippets helped share our vision of Sighthound fashion. Now 6, with young Orla in the photo. If you're reading this, you rock! Thank you so, so much for your support. We can't wait to see you styling Speedray! Orla10 will give you 10% off your first order.


The Speedray team

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