Sighthounds have been such a huge part of our lives now, for over 13 years. We are so privileged to share our home with this truly to be admired breed of dogs. We brought two whippets into our family and our journey has now found us with five whippets to this current day.

Our passion for sighthounds and the community that connects us all together, motivates us to bring you and your sighthound the look you both love, with the perfect fit.

Their affection, joy and craziness is the best. The both of us and our 5 whippets, Maddy, Lana, Theo, Beau & Bailey are putting ourselves out there everyday to grab the attention of so many others, to grow together, with an active community of sighthounds throughout the year. 

Our range of coats and jumpers, each named after all our Speedray puppies, offers a unique, fashionable and tailored style for all sighthounds and their various sizes.

We are constantly working closely together with our seamstresses here in the UK to bring a fresh new look,  providing amazing practicality with both protection and usability, that provides full free movement when being put through its paces in full zoom mode or snuggled up with having a quick nap.

You will discover our much loved selection from Whippet jumpers, waterproof coats, wax jackets & lightweight t-shirts/jumpers to Greyhound jumpers, Lurcher coats and more Sighthound sizes to meet your hounds every need, for both puppies and adults.

Our sighthound clothing brand is handmade in the heart of Lancashire, UK, by our talented small team of professional seamstresses who live close by and through this process we have created an amazing friendship. With many years of experience behind them, together we're creating the highest quality product possible, providing a genuine friendly end-user experience for our customers.

Sure all sighthound owners would agree there is nothing more heart-warming, than seeing a large group of sighthounds running and playing together.