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Beautifully handmade to order in the UK

Hi Furiend! 🐶 Feast your eyes on the new Margot Gilet.  

First things first. Your hooman must be aware you have their card. 🙊 Yes, go get them! Ok, think you can pull off this outfit? Check this out.

You are looking at a premium, durable waxed cotton fabric. Lightweight & soft to the touch with a lush smooth texture. The Margot gilet is quilted & diamond stitched with a stylish variety of stunning colours to choose from.

Inside is lined, by default, with our cosy tartan Willow fabric. This provides a very comfortable fit whilst adventuring the outdoors. There's more!

Customise your very own unique gilet with any Speedray jumper of your choice. Simply, opt for the custom lining tab & include the jumper name in your basket notes. 

Speedray has specifically designed the Margot Gilet. Tried & tested by our family of whippets, brand reps & customers from all over the world to bring the best fit for all Sighthounds. They are beautifully crafted and put together, individually, by our local team of extremely talented seamstresses.

Your gilet will be handmade to order, in the UK, reducing masses of wasted material, carbon footprint & most importantly, being kinder to the environment. We stay away from mass-production or shipping in from overseas. 

Need a little more help convincing your hooman? Here are some of the leading features:

  • Water-Resistant & windproof 🐕
  • Machine washable! (30 degrees - non-bio) 
  • Zip fastening. (underbelly to the front collar) Easy to get on & off.
  • No chafing or rubbing.
  • Tailor fitted. 
  • Fashionable.
  • 5 stylish earth tone colours to choose from.
  • Instagram & TikTok worthy from any angle 🤩📸
  • Maximum Street Cred 😍😎
  • Optional harness hole -  Choosing this option will require a less tailored, wider fit, to accommodate enough room for the harness to sit comfortably underneath the gilet. Please keep this in mind when opting for a harness hole.  

To the fun part! 

Creating the perfect Gilet for you.

 - We will begin with your size. Unsure what size to choose? Try out our super fast sizing calculator (the find my size tab ). Simply add your specific measurements & we will generate the best fit for you. Would you like a second opinion to confirm the perfect fit? We can help by email or an Instagram DM.

Iggy Size Chart

Size A - Neck B - Chest C - Back Length D - Waistline
XS 14 - 17 36 - 39 30 - 33 20 - 23
S 17 - 20 39 - 41 33 - 36 23 - 26
M 20 - 23 41 - 43 36 - 39 26 - 29
L 23 - 26 43 - 46 39 - 41 29 - 32
XL 26 - 29 46 - 49 41 - 44 32 - 35

Whippet size chart. How to measure your Whippet. Bespoke to the Whippet dog breed made to measure


- Choose the colour you are most drawn to? To do this, please reference your desired Gilet colour (from the images above) in your basket notes. This can be found in your basket before proceeding to checkout. The default lining will be made in the Willow if this information is not provided. Please reference your preferred colour from the images above. 

- Want to personalize your own one of a kind Gilet? Opt for the custom lining. This gives you the choice of customising your very own personal Gilet with any Speedray jumper fabric your creative mind desires. To create your unique Gilet, simply reference the jumper name & colour. Add this information to your basket notes along with your preferred Gilet colour.

- Do you wear a harness on walks? Opt for the harness hole. Choosing this option will require a less tailored, loose, wider fit to accommodate enough room for the harness to sit comfortably underneath the gilet. Please keep this in mind when opting for a harness hole. If you do not wish to have the harness hole, simply leave the tab on 'without'.

Final one from us. Give your hooman lots of cuddles & kisses. Our seamstress will be handmaking your desired gilet. Don't forget to tag us @speedraydesignwear. We don't want to miss out on the fun! 

Delivery Information (very important for our international furiends - Please read)

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We've created a special relationship with our lovely team of local seamstresses to bring you the very best of Sighthound fashion, practicality & overall experience.

Our products are individually handmade to order in the UK, preventing over-production or waste of materials.

Today, we have 8 Amazing full & part time seamstresses, all working from home, locally to ourselves in Lancashire. They adore what we do and love sharing their amazing sewing experience & skills through our designs.


Orders containing multiple items will fall into the time period of the highest fulfilment item within your order.

Current fulfilment times will updated relative to our seamstresses work load. 

Thank You For Supporting Our Dream!

We will be keeping you updated along the making of your purchase. We know just how exciting it can be! We can't wait either! We have been working so hard on bringing together an amazing team in our 1st year for this exact reason. To bring an enjoyable experience whilst you wait for you purchase to be made. Hand-making items does come with logistical challenges but the response when received are un-like no other.

We have failed, made mistakes and learned so much to bring you our most efficient & quickest fulfilment times to date. We are only going to get better from here.

We fell in love with the process of bringing our ideas to life through design and garment making. Buying off the shelf just never worked for us. With the perfect models to get started, our family of 5 Whippets helped share our vision of Sighthound fashion. Now 6, with young Orla in the photo. If you're reading this, you rock! Thank you so, so much for your support. We can't wait to see you styling Speedray! Orla10 will give you 10% off your first order.


The Speedray team

Donna, Josh & Our Amazing Seamstresses

Ready To Walk In Style?