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THE CAIRO Whippet Jumper (Blues)

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Beautifully handmade to order in the UK

The Blues

Feast your eyes on our most lush Whippet jumper yet! Are you ready for a super stylish Autumn? It's time to turn some heads and show other dogs what being a Sighthound is all about. Pre-order now to grab your jumper. Release date coming soon!  
68% Viscose
27% Nylon
5% Spandex
The perfect blend for zoomies, cosy snuggles & playful mad hours!
(thoroughly tested & approved by furiends and our @whippetfamily of 7 ageing from our youngest, Orla who's just turned 1, all the way to our eldest, Izzy at 14 years old)
Most importantly, our new jumpers will keep you at the right amount of toasty warm with our figure-hugging, lightweight design, which covers the entire back, for our recognisable Speedray style. Is it a bit chilly outside? Sighthounds can release a lot of warm energy and choosing the right jumper to balance this, provides the best walkies/zoomies, whatever the weather brings. That's exactly why this jumper is a must-have for your everyday adventures!
There's only one thing left to do! Choose your size, favourite colour, jumper style & get super, super excited for your stunning, brand New, bespoke jumper to be delivered by your favourite post-hooman.
Other Colours Available
Marl Grey
Rich Black
Rose Pink
Cardinal Red
Ochre Yellow
Off White (ECRU)
Whilst you're waiting for your new jumper to be handmade by one of our outstanding seamstresses. Be sure to work on those poses for your hoomans. We absolutely love seeing everyone showing off their outfits on Instagram & Facebook! Tag us @speedraydesignwear for a feature on our story. 

Wash at 30 degrees non - bio

Quick Drying



Whippet Size Chart
Size A - Neck B - Chest C - Back Length D - Waistline
XS 24 - 27 40 - 48 36 - 41 30 - 35
S Slim 24 - 27 40 - 48 43 - 46 30 - 35
S 27 - 33 48 - 58 43 - 46 35 - 40
M Slim 27 - 33 48 - 58 48 - 52 35 - 40
M 30 - 35 58 - 63 48 - 52 40 - 45
L Slim 30 - 35 58 - 63 54 - 56 40 - 45
L 33 - 38 63 - 69 54 - 56 45 - 50
XL Slim 33 - 38 63 - 69 58 - 62 45 - 50
XL 35 - 41 69 - 71 58 - 62 50 - 56
XXL Slim 33 - 38 63 - 69 63 - 65 45 - 50
XXL 35 - 41 69 - 71 63 - 65 50 - 56

Whippet size chart. How to measure your Whippet. Bespoke to the Whippet dog breed made to measure

Not 100% sure which size to choose? We are always more than happy to help. 🥰 Send us their measurements through 'Ask a question' below or DM us on Instagram @speedraydesignwear 🐾

Are you a size XS, XXL Slim or XXL?

Go ahead and choose either
Size - S for XS
 Size - XL Slim for XXL Slim
Size - XL for XXL
and let us know in your basket notes you would like either the XS, XXL Slim or XXL size.  
Delivery Information (very important for our international furiends - Please read)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
L.F. (United Kingdom)
Lovely, well made jumper.

Looks great, fits great and washes brilliantly.

S.D. (United Kingdom)
The quality is phenomenal!

It says it all in the title really!! Honestly, the quality of Speedray products is always wonderful, but there’s something about this jumper in particular that is just phenomenal. It is honestly made better and of a much higher quality than most of my human clothes! It is beautiful, precise, fits like a glove, and thanks to the ingenious addition of sleeves/legs, my whippet finally can keep his chest and front legs warm at the same time - which was becoming a problem I couldn’t find a solution to, as my whippet hates having his back legs covered (whoever said whippets can be fussy?!). This ticks all the boxes, whilst also making him look ridiculously handsome and stylish. You truly pay for quality and care over making the items with Speedray, and I honestly cannot fault them!

Hannah (United Kingdom)
Amazing again!!

We love Speedray clothing and accessories. Great customer service and excellent quality. We have ordered another in navy blue and a matching rain coat!! Sancho is the best dressed dog around!!

T.N. (United Kingdom)
Gorgeous jumper

So pleased to have received the Cairo jumper. Fits our little Beddy Whippet perfectly, and he looks super smart.

Paula Morrison (United Kingdom)

Absolutely love this jumper. Such a lovely colour and the quality is amazing! 10/10.



We've created a special relationship with our lovely team of local seamstresses to bring you the very best of Sighthound fashion, practicality & overall experience.

Our products are individually handmade to order in the UK, preventing over-production or waste of materials.

Today, we have 8 Amazing full & part time seamstresses, all working from home, locally to ourselves in Lancashire. They adore what we do and love sharing their amazing sewing experience & skills through our designs.


Orders containing multiple items will fall into the time period of the highest fulfilment item within your order.

Current fulfilment times will updated relative to our seamstresses work load. 

Thank You For Supporting Our Dream!

We will be keeping you updated along the making of your purchase. We know just how exciting it can be! We can't wait either! We have been working so hard on bringing together an amazing team in our 1st year for this exact reason. To bring an enjoyable experience whilst you wait for you purchase to be made. Hand-making items does come with logistical challenges but the response when received are un-like no other.

We have failed, made mistakes and learned so much to bring you our most efficient & quickest fulfilment times to date. We are only going to get better from here.

We fell in love with the process of bringing our ideas to life through design and garment making. Buying off the shelf just never worked for us. With the perfect models to get started, our family of 5 Whippets helped share our vision of Sighthound fashion. Now 6, with young Orla in the photo. If you're reading this, you rock! Thank you so, so much for your support. We can't wait to see you styling Speedray! Orla10 will give you 10% off your first order.


The Speedray team

Donna, Josh & Our Amazing Seamstresses

Ready To Walk In Style?