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Raincoats, Jumpers, Collars, Leads & Snoods

We've created a special relationship with our seamstresses to bring you the very best of Sighthound fashion, practicality & overall experience. Our products are individually handmade to order, preventing over-production and waste of materials. Today, we have 7 lovely part & full time seamstresses, all working from home, locally to ourselves in Lancashire, who are so passionately invested into what we do and love sharing their amazing sewing experience & skills through our designs.

Please note: Orders containing multiple items will fall into the time period of the highest fulfilment time item within your order. Please also note, fulfilment times will change from time to time depending on our seamstresses work load.

Rain Coats

25 -30 Working Days

Our coats are creatively handmade, individually, by two of our lovely full & part time seamstresses. They both consistently provides a beautiful level of detail with every coat made. There is a backlog we are working through due to a short break. We will be bringing our fulfilment times down shortly.

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20 - 25 Working Days

Our jumpers are beautifully handmade by one of our full time and part time seamstresses who continue to provide a stunning final finish with every jumper.

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Puppy raincoats

5 - 10 Working Days

Our puppy coats are made by one of our part time seamstresses. The lovely thing is, she does this as a hobby and uses the money to treat her kids. It's so sweet!

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collars & Leads

Pre-order available!

We have temporarily switched over to pre-order on all collars and leads. Unfortunately, our seamstress who makes these is leaving us on the 20th Aug. We have been super busy meeting new people, discovering their skills and making decisions on who will be joining our team of seamstresses. Things are look very promising! We will be providing updates when everything is in full swing again. Thank you!

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We will be keeping you updated along the making of your purchase. We know just how exciting it can be! We can't wait either! We have been working so hard on bringing together an amazing team in our 1st year for this exact reason. To bring an enjoyable experience whilst you wait for you purchase to be made. Hand-making items does come with logistical challenges but the response when received are un-like no other.

We have failed, made mistakes and learned so much to bring you our most efficient & quickest fulfilment times to date. We are only going to get better from here.

We fell in love with the process of bringing our ideas to life through design and garment making. Buying off the shelf just never worked for us. With the perfect models to get started, our family of 5 Whippets helped share our vision of Sighthound fashion. Now 6, with young Orla in the photo. If you're reading this, you rock! Thank you so, so much for your support. We can't wait to see you styling Speedray! Orla10 will give you 10% off your first order.


The Speedray team

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