With Your Order

This is your exclusive access. Follow us along as we publish our seamstresses progress every Tuesday & Friday at 9pm in the evening. We hope this information will easily allow you to gage when our seamstresses will reach your order number.

If your order number is within the range of 0 - 70 orders from the published order numbers below. It's almost that super exciting delivery time! You may receive your dispatched email with tracking details the same or early following week.

🐾 Please keep in mind. We are only a small family business. This is our busiest time of year and there has been a huge demand for our Sighthound design wear. Your lovely support is what massively helps us keep growing as a brand and allows us to keep searching for more people to join our dream team of lovely, talented seamstresses.

🔵 We are being transparent to hopefully give you the updates you're looking for along this process without having to go out your way by sending follow up emails.

🟡 Single Item ordered - If we've passed your order number, your item will most likely be on its way the next day or two. Our seamstresses work from home, therefore we have to arrange to collect what's been completed.... pack & post.

🟡 Multiple Items ordered - The above also applies to you. Please just make sure we've reached your order number on all items you're expecting below. Thank you so much!

UPDATED - 26/11/2021

Our Seamstresses Are Up To Orders #....






Starting This Week!







Where possible, please hold off from emailing for a follow up. We are making garments as quickly as possible and will reach & complete your order faster if we don't need to allocate the majority of our time to emails. Please feel free to get in touch if you need to change sizes, delivery address or want to change/ add anything. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.



We've welcomed 3 new seamstresses to our team. They are now helping make your coats and jumpers. They've been working ahead of schedule for the past few weeks to allow us to correct any minor adjustments that were needed to meet our standard of garments. We are now super happy with their work and can see a big difference with how much is being produced each day. This is brilliant for our fulfilment times! We'll continue searching to find more seamstresses to join our team.